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The name "Minimum Wage Media" says it all. Troubadour 1710 and Liberty & Justice 1640 were founded and financed on a shoestring by a busy, hard working, low income person. Please support this media "seedling" with a subscription, a donation, or your advertising dollars. Click here to contribute on line.


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The Pre-1997 (old Walden 1120) music library needs a new home

4/25/17  First, I want to humbly thank Carol and Jack of Marlboro for housing the old Walden 1120 music library rent free for the past 20 years. When I look back at all the financial turmoil that has occurred over that time, I don't know what I would have done without this ongoing storage "gift." With that said, I am currently in the process of finding a new home for the library, either temporary or permanent. I also need to reclaim the shrinking living space in my own home for the ever growing post-1997 library.

Troubadour 1710 main format extended by an hour

4/25/17  I have decided to extend the regular Troubadour 1710 format from a 10 PM ending to an 11 PM ending seven nights per week. Sleep Enhancement will now air from 11 PM to 6 AM each day.

April marks the 20th anniversary of the end of folk music on Walden 1120 Radio

4/25/17 It was this month 20 years ago that I presented the last hour of folk programming on Walden 1120 AM in Concord, MA. Years of gross mismanagement and dishonesty resulted in an erosion of trust from the local business community and brought about the station's inevitable demise. Today, as WBNW, it has no local identity with the communities near its transmitter site, and the money to operate it comes from a rich investment broker, not local advertisers or listeners. Nevertheless, at this late date, there is still some hope in getting the format on a licensed station in the north central Massachusetts region. There are a couple of possibilities I will be investigating over the coming weeks and if anything develops, I'll reveal what I can here. 

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Troubadour 1710 is a service of Minimum Wage Media

Minimum Wage Media is a insurgent broadcasting effort named in honor of starving artists, dreamers, and the working poor - those who are prevented from reaching their full potential due to the vicious cycle of poverty, debt and overwork. We seek to build a culture based upon consensus, peace, respect, equal economic opportunity, and a reverence for nature, natural law, and natural health.

The micro stations of Minimum Wage Media are a project of Jeffrey Gill whose radio background includes, Walden 1120 (WADN), WCMX, WCAV, and WDLW.

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